WCB - 5 Year Rolling LTIFR

Pronghorn’s WCB 5 Year Rolling LTIFR Best In The Industry!

WCB has released the 2014 Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates and Pronghorn’s 5 Year Rolling LTIFR is .07.   This compares to .57 which is the overall rate for the Electrical Wiring Industry in 2014.  Pronghorn’s rate is industry leading in terms of safety performance.

This result demonstrates Pronghorn’s strong safety culture and our employees’ collective commitment to teamwork and each other’s safety.   The outstanding performance in this area would not be possible without the support of Pronghorn’s clients and their commitment to an injury free work place.  Safety is Pronghorn’s most important core value; nothing is more important than ensuring everyone at Pronghorn returns safely to their loved ones at the end of each work shift.