Nomination David Ellis Award

September 22, 2017.

Yves Tremblay, President & CEO of Pronghorn Controls was nominated for the David Ellis Award.   In memory of David Ellis, whose life was cut short at age 18 due to a preventable workplace incident, the award is granted to a Canadian company that has demonstrated the “utmost excellence” in workplace safety.   The winner will be announced at the NXT 2017 EHS  Awards in Austin Texas on October 12, 2017.   This prestigious award goes to a company that has demonstrated continuous commitment to increasing workforce participation in safety activities to provide a safe work environment. Selection Criteria include:

  • Demonstrated leadership in safety
  • Consistently maintaining a good safety program over a number of years
  • Collaborative & proactive work towards improving safety
  • Actively works to boost employee participation in the workplace
  • Demonstrated management involvement and involvement from on-site workers