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June 2016
Pronghorn Receives WCB Surplus Rebate
A better-than-expected return on investments meant that Pronghorn Controls was eligible for a rebate from WCB. The surplus which is a result of better than expected return on investments and overall lower WCB costs is distributed to employers in good standing. This rebate will be re-invested into Pronghorn’s Safety Programs. Pronghorn’s commitment to Safety has paid off in lower WCB premiums and this rebate will go towards further enhancements to our programs.
June 2016
WCB - 5 Year Rolling LTIFR
WCB has released the 2014 Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates and Pronghorn’s 5 Year Rolling LTIFR is .07. This compares to .57 which is the overall rate for the Electrical Wiring Industry in 2014. Pronghorn’s rate is industry leading in terms of safety performance.
May 2016
Pronghorn Receives PIR Rebate
Pronghorn Controls was eligible for a Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) rebate from Alberta WCB. This rebate is distributed to employers in good standing who achieve a certificate of recognition (COR) and maintain industry leadership by performing significantly better than their industry average over two consecutive years. Pronghorn Controls has a strong safety culture which has resulted in reduced WCB premiums – and the PIR rebate will be reinvested into continual improvements to safety programs.

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