The Pronghorn Apprenticeship Scholarship Support (P.A.S.S.) program has been developed to further assist our first, second, third and fourth year apprentices through their periods of training, and to recognize and reward their individual success for completion of these critical certifications.

The program and the values below represent the level of eligible support that Pronghorn offers.  All apprentices will be eligible for this scholarship bonus once they have provided proof (relevant transcripts) of successful completion of their post-secondary learning period.   A scholarship value of $800.00 will be available to qualifying first year apprentices; $1,000.00 to successful second year apprentices; $1,200.00 to successful third year apprentices; and $1,400 to successful fourth year apprentices.   In return, Pronghorn will secure a one year “Return of Service” commitment following each scholarship payment.

This is one of a series of ongoing initiatives to differentiate Pronghorn from other employers in this industry sector, and in support of Pronghorn’s desire to be an “Employer of Choice”.