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News, events, feel good stories and company wide successes.
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Constantly expanding our capacity to deliver effectively on a broad range of project assignments.
Kenilworth (Combustion Burner Units)
Pronghorn now has in place a Quality Management System as part of the evolution of our business and is certified by ABSA.
The Geotrac GPS system is installed in Pronghorn trucks.
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Awards, recognition and other great successes.


Western Provinces

Pronghorn Controls is a dynamic and exciting full service instrumentation and electrical products and services company. Our forward thinking outlook and composition of skilled workers throughout Western Canada provide a winning value proposition to all our clients and customers.  A rich blend of enthusiasm and exceptional technical expertise ensures that we deliver superior performance to the vibrant and rewarding oil and gas industry as well as other sectors.

With a proven track record of industrial experience since 1981, Pronghorn offers a full complement of instrumentation and electrical professionals, ready everyday to deliver consistently superior performance.  Expert instrumentation and electrical teams can handle any project, from concept to completion.  In addition to installation, commissioning and startup support, Pronghorn can provide ongoing maintenance and technical support.  We’ve built our reputation on our service, and our staff is on call 24 hours a day to minimize downtime and keep our customers’ facilities and equipment in full and productive operation

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Fort McMurray
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Medicine Hat
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